Since 1954

Our company was founded by Mehmet Kölük in 1954 in Kürkçüler Han of roughly 550 years where craftsmen used to provide and sew then-available fur skins onto caftans, dresses and hats of the Royal Ottoman families as well as the leading figures of the region.Over the years, with theinvolvement of second-generation Coşkun Kölük, then the third-generation Atalay and Ataberk Kölük, the company name was changed to what is known today “TASARI KURKMOD LTD.” and its patented brands, “GATA FUR” for more affordable commercial fur merchandise and “FUR FATALE” for its luxury line were acquired respectively.Tasari Kurkmod with its recognized brands in the global fur business continues to strive for the best taking firm steps to always reach for better and higher.

Tasari Kurkmod first began attending global fur auctions in 1985 to purchase fur skins through brokers. In 2000, the managing director Coşkun Kölük started purchasing directly from the auction houses.

The merchandise is then shipped out for processing and coloring to various countries around the World to be made into fur garments and accessories afterwards in line with the most-updated fashion trends. Any product carrying Gata Fur or Fur Fatale labels is designed by in-house design and tailoring departments and is presented to clients.

To closely follow the ever-growing fur markets and latest news in Asia, a non-organic sister company “GOLDEN TREND TRADING LIMITED.” was established in Hong Kong in 2009. The main goal of establishing a company overseas was to simply be present and operational in the most active fur markets in the World.

Our flagship company Tasari Kurkmod is located in Zeytinburnu, the very heart of leather and fur industry in Turkey. With its own manufacturing facility and a large showroom showcasing its quality products, Tasari Kurkmod also does its own fair share and contributes to the

Turkish fur industry and market to grow bigger and better.Our goal is to always strive to reach higher with growing and proven success in global fur trade.


4-7 December 2019
Antalya Leather And Fur Fashion Fair