Boni Pelle Leather And Fur

Since 1987

Boni Pelle, founded in 1987 by Mustafa ÇAKMAK, from the moment of its foundation to the present day, combining the art of technology and trade, has brought the leather industry to the highest level of the world trend. The commercial association supported by the Boni Pelle brand produces projects that allow a woman wearing plus size clothes to feel comfortable, elite and especially in her social environment and inner world.

Boni Pelle, which uses the opportunities it has provided simultaneously, continues to work with expert designers who know the world trends, perceive and analyze correctly for the audience, and the team who are experts in their business and realize the models. Carrying the Boni Pelle Brand to the place it deserves, Mustafa ÇAKMAK manages and directs the design team with his undeniable experience and talent in the sector as well as at the beginning of regular R&D studies.

Boni Pelle; The main production items, leather, fur, cashmere designs are advancing with sure steps to the future.

Boni Pelle 2021

4-7 December 2019
Antalya Leather And Fur Fashion Fair